what is friction torque

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Friction torque is the torque induced by the frictional force that happens when two objects in get in contact with go. Like all torques, it is a rotational electrical power that might potentially be calculated in newton meters or kilos-toes.

Friction torque is consistently reverse to the training course of rotation. It is introduced about by the microscopic interlocking of the surfaces of the two objects in get maintain of. When the objects are creating an try to rotate, the friction electricity resists the rotation.

Friction torque can be a nuisance, this kind of as when it can make it difficult to switch a doorknob or pedal a bicycle. Even so, it can also be manufactured use of to our benefit, these types of as when it retains a screw from coming unfastened or a brake from slipping.

In this article are some illustrations of friction torque:

The torque vital to transform a doorknob

The torque demanded to pedal a bicycle

The China torque limiter distributor essential to tighten a screw

The torque required to brake a vehicle

The torque vital to change a steering wheel

The torque desired to operate a gadget computer software

Friction torque can be decreased by generating use of lubricants, which minimize the friction regarding the two surfaces. It can also be minimized by making use of smoother surfaces or by earning the objects drastically less quite most likely to deform.

Right here are some methods to minimize friction torque:

Use lubricants, this sort of as oil or torque limiter factory grease

Use smoother surfaces

Make the objects a ton fewer possible to deform

Use bearings

Friction torque is an necessary approach in engineering and mechanics. It is important to look at friction torque when constructing tools and tools, China torque limiter supplier as it can influence the performance and effectiveness of the products.