are the joints of pool cue shaft screwed on?

In most instances, the joints of a pool cue shaft are not screwed on but rather use a unique variety of connection called a “pin and collar” joint. This type of joint is composed of a pin on a single element of the cue (ordinarily the butt) and a corresponding collar on the other portion (the shaft).

The pin is a small metallic rod that protrudes from the butt of the cue. The collar is a cylindrical piece that suits above the pin and is generally threaded onto the shaft. The collar is tightened on to the pin, securing the shaft in spot.

The benefit of the pin and collar joint is that it permits for straightforward assembly and disassembly of the cue, creating it handy for transportation and storage. It also delivers a protected and steady connection between the butt and China screw shaft manufacturer, China screw shaft supplier ensuring dependable effectiveness through engage in.

It truly is crucial to take note that there are distinct types of pin and collar joints applied in pool cues, this sort of as the five/16 x 18, 3/eight x 10, or Uni-Loc units. The specific joint kind and style can differ based on the cue company and China screw shaft supplier the preferences of the participant.

When some cues may possibly have further reinforcement through the use of screws, this kind of as bodyweight bolts or joint protectors, these are independent from the pin and collar joint and provide distinct applications.

If you have a unique cue design or manufacturer in thoughts, it really is normally a good strategy to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or seek the advice of with a knowledgeable cue technician for precise info about the joint technique used in that specific cue.